About me

Hi, this is John Chou, welcome to my personal space. You can call me Joou as well, it’s the abbreviation of my name. There are too many John in the world, which could make “hash collision” easily. So I extract both two left and right letters in “John Chou” symmetrically and combine them into this nickname.

I like cool new techs, music especially Jazz standard and Jazz Hip hop, guitar, Manchester United and VIM. I love embedded system stuffs, as I won the first prize of Radio Production Contest in Hubei province when I was in junior high school as well as the first prize of National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest in Shandong division, and obtained EE master degree in NCKU.

But I was asked to embrace changes (which is one of the most important cultures in Alibaba) to be a F2E developer after I joined YunOS immediately… Therefore I’m focused on web front-end engineer currently, working for Machine Learning platform in Microsoft. Prior to that, I worked for Alibaba more than 2 years, developed Lazada E-commercial platform for seller part from PC web to mobile H5/Hybrid app and YunOS IDE with related tools across popular PC platforms.

If you want a referral for joining Microsoft or Alibaba, just contact me via E-mail. Any friendly and interesting discussion is also welcomed.

Have a great day!